update group description via SOAP

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update group description via SOAP

Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:26 pm

Good day,

I am trying to incorporate LogicalDoc in a ASP Dotnet Core application, it is talking to LogicalDoc via SOAP. I auto generated the client in Visual Studio via WSDL. So far it's working well with the first few requests I have made. But now I ran into something I don't understand.
I assumed that via storeGroup request I am also able to update the group description of an existing group. But while my request ist coming through just fine and I receive the group ID back, the description does not change.
On a side note, any custom value I enter into LastModified also does not update but is seems to be set to the timestamp of the moment it got written into the database, but I can live with that. Anything I write into the Source field is also ignored, it stays "local". Just thought I mention these as well, in case I usually should be able to update these to any value I want.

Creating a group from scratch works fine, changing the users in an existing group via storeGroup works as well ( after I learned that I had to keep the long array of userIds the same size even when removing users from it :) ).
Am I using storeGroup wrong somehow? Could it be my auto generated client? I have sniffed out the request using wireshark and the soap xml looks fine. My request is getting through after all, I am getting the group ID back in response.

Thanks for any ideas and assistance.

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