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non english characters support

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:27 am
by aliam1991
Hi there.

I'm using logicaldoc version 7.7.6 and I have a problem with folders with non-English charset(Arabic, Chinese,...) in the name of them and its display warning that said:
Could not commit Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: Transaction was marked for rollback only; cannot commit

According to documents its support non-English charset from version 6. Am I forgetting anything?


Re: non english characters support

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:28 pm
by agaspa
Hi aliam1991 ,
LogicalDOC supports non english characters, but the database engine must be properly configured. ... characters

Configure mysql at installation or at startup to use utf8 ... tions.html

Breaking out from the MySQL character-set * ... c6a306e1e5

Re: non english characters support

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:44 pm
by Jayson_Carr
Great, I thought that this problem could not be fixed, thanks