LogicalDOC DMS 6.1 Enterprise available

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LogicalDOC DMS 6.1 Enterprise available

Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:53 pm

Logical Objects is proud to announce the immediate availability of LogicalDOC Enterprise 6.1

LogicalDOC is a multiplatform Document Management System (DMS) reliable and scalable, which can improve your business efficiency by helping you to manage, find and share documents.
Thanks to its elegant interface, LogicalDOC transforms complex operations into easy tasks.

New Features
Core - Barcode support
Core - System and User quota to limit disk usage
Core - Multi volume storage
Core - Document rating system
User Interface - Implemented a restore password procedure
User Interface - Product News from LogicalDOC website
Administration - Search for Document Duplicates in the repository

Core - Complete Indexing of PDF forms
Core - Metadata extraction from image files
User Interface - Listing tables appearance can be adjusted and saved between sessions.
User Interface - Ability to specify labels for custom fields on Templates
User Interface - PDF option in the on-line scan applet
User Interface - First implementation of the RTL support for arabic languages
User Interface - Complete localization for the Dutch language (a Big Thanks to Geert Koster)
User Interface - Ability to Move documents between folders with Drag'n'Drop
WebDAV - upgraded Jackrabbit dependencies to 1.6.4

User Interface - Unable to save when adding multiple tags

View the features highlight of LogicalDOC 6.1

For a more detailed list you can also go to Release notes for LogicalDOC 6.1

The LogicalDOC development Team

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