LogicalDOC Enteprise 6.7 released

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LogicalDOC Enteprise 6.7 released

Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:18 pm

Logical Objects is pleased to announce the release of LogicalDOC Enterprise edition version 6.7

The two most important innovations are undoubtedly the new Events Calendar and the ability to edit documents directly online.

Thanks to the event calendar you can specify various types activity on business documents that will be put into execution in a planned way.
The other feature: online editing of documents is provided through the Google Docs / Google Drive.
With this new feature will be possible to edit an office document: excel, word, powerpoint and many others directly from your browser, without the need to install on your PC a dedicated editor.

See the launch of the news on the LogicalDOC website

Download the Trial version of the software or ask for access to Online Demo

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