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Open Source Document Management v7.3

Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:16 pm

The LogicalDOC development team is proud to announce the availability of LogicalDOC CE 7.3

You can the latest release by visiting the product website: ... unity.html

LogicalDOC is a web-based document management software with a modern interface, easy to use and very fast.
It uses open source Java frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate and Lucene in order to provide a flexible and scalable DMS solution.
Thanks to the most advanced presentation technology, LogicalDOC offers an unrivaled user experience with a refined and responsive interface.

LogicalDOC Community Edition is completely free and allows companies and individuals to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.
For the complete list of features, take a look at

Bugs fixed:
Scripting capabilities in notification messages - Improvement - Core
Unexisting paths not handled in getObjectByPath method - Bug - CMIS
No history recorded for multiple document download - Improvement - Core
Add Documents - "Immediate Indexing" failing - Bug - Core
Correct sorting of results in full-text search
Technology updates

You can start a discussion on the LogicalDOC community forums

If you like this free software you might consider to leave a positive review on SourceForge... ... ar#reviews

The LogicalDOC development Team

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