Database not connected

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Database not connected

Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:30 pm

Hi. This is the firtst time I am installing this software. I use Windows 10 (version 1903), and first I downloaded the Windows installer (version 8.3.2) but I had a issue running the file .exe, appeared a message that says: "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.". I tryed to solve the issue, but I don't found a solution. So I downloaded the Linux installer (versión 8.3.2) because it contain a .jar file.

I installed Java SE Developments Kit 12 (jdk-12.0.2), added to environment path the \bin directory and I think that everything was well installed. I use SQL Server, so I installed SQL Server Express 2017 and SQL Server Management, I have created a new database called "logicaldoc", a login and user called in the same way for the new database and I granted all permissions to this user and I check that TCP/IP is enabled and what is the default port (1433). After, through the cmd, I runed the .jar file and I followed the installation to the point where I must insert the data for connect with database, but here appear a error message thath says: "Database not connected".

I tryed many ways of write this data: with the sa user and its password; the logicaldoc user and its password that I had created; with the IP; the Server Name and the name of Instance in the correspondent box; the ServerName\Instance and the Instance box empty; with the word "localhost" and the name of Instance in the correspondent box; the same but with theinstance box empty; with ports 1433, 8080 and with the port box empty. Every combinations, but the issue persist. What do I can to do?


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