Configuration for loading speed of logicaldoc

LogicalDOC has many interesting features, but requires some configuration process to show its full potential.

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Configuration for loading speed of logicaldoc

Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:28 am

Can anyone explain to me how to speed-up the loading speed , access the documents, searching etc. I'm currently using LogicalDoc Community 7.7.1 on our VMServer .

My main concern is there anything can improve the speed? I tried upgrading the server from 8GB RAM into 12GB RAM. Also update the JDK to latest,. But when I test it on the Apache JMeter (requesting for the localhost) it seems the Throughput (Loading Speed) was 33.0sec. Our Network connection was fine. 1.0GBps wired.

I tried also to increase the InitialHeapSize, PermSize ,MaxPermSize. But I couldn't make it increase.

I'm supposed to be the LocalSupport for our company, and I'll run some test , like I've said there's no improvements or changes in the performance of Community version. I must assure that the LogicalDoc Community can run the expected performance. Before we proceed to the Enterprise.

I hope anyone can help me with my concern.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Configuration for loading speed of logicaldoc

Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:27 pm

Hi xjeromeflores12,
the performance of LogicalDOC depends mainly on the speed of the database and the speed of access to the disk. Using the system with a database positioned on an SSD drive you can improve performance by about 8 times.
Also the main storage speed it's very important, in fact Logicaldoc perform frequent disk accesses (a lot of IO).
So moving the installation to the fastest disk will improve the performance.
To improve loading of LogicalDOC Community you can disable the Task Digest Processor.
However, I recommend running speed tests on a more recent version of LogicalDOC Community, for example 7.7.6 (last released)

I also think it may interest you to know that in the Enterprise and Business version you can manage in detail the aspects of the application, disabling features that are not necessary to maximize the performance (see attached image)
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