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You are into longboarding but speed is not your type, then a leisure skating style like cruising is the best for you. Cruising is probably the most enjoyable style in longboarding as you can enjoy both your ride and the surroundings.

Today’s post will guide you through the steps in choosing the best cruising longboard as well as recommending some of the top-rated longboards on the market. Hopefully, after reading this article, all riders can confidently go to a skate shop and pick the best longboard.


Before moving to the next part about some famous longboards for cruising, we first need to know the right way to choose a decent board. In general, cruising boards should be able to provide smooth turns and a comfortable ride.

If you want to understand how people can select “top the best longboards for beginners”, you will first need to clearly understand about different parts of a cruising longboard and see how they affect the overall performance.


So which type of skateboard is suitable for cruising? The answer must include mini-cruisers, downhill boards, racing longboards, and trick boards. Though you can still manage to cruise on any kind of skateboard, these types will cause some difficulties such as more energy being needed for pushing or the board being too reactive to keep in a straight direction.

For skateboards designed for downhill skating, racing, dancing, or doing tricks, they are not good for cruising either. Probably, you can see that the board is too long, the wheels are too small, the setup is quite stiff, etc. all the signs indicate that the product is not suitable for cruising.

So what should you expect? Well, the ideal board for cruising needs to satisfy the following conditions:

Ability to travel over all terrain: of course you can not only stay in a skate park or somewhere that is not spacious in cruising; therefore, a set of wheels that are able to travel over most terrain is strongly required.

Bigger wheels: the larger the wheels are, the smoother you can get while moving over pebbles, cracks, or small rocks. Any wheels bigger than 65mm are typically enough to handle pebbles.

Not too long: although longer boards result in more stability, you can not turn as fast as shorter ones as well as the sluggish feeling while riding on them. Cruising speed rarely exceeds 30 mph so stability is not a big matter. However, a deck with a length between 32 to 40 inches works the best in helping riders turn easily.

A light concave deck: if you intend to stand on the board for a long period, don’t pick a longboard with too much concave since it is uncomfortable to skate. With a deep concave, your feet need to stand in an unnatural position and this is pretty annoying for skaters with big feet.

Easy to push: no skating style requires pushing as much as cruising does; therefore, skaters had better find something with a low standing platform. Drop-mounts, drop-throughs, or rockers are what it takes for this criteria.

Decent trucks: if you had time to read any buying guide at some famous skating websites like SkateAdvisors, you would see that they always advise newbies to stay away from cheap trucks. Inexpensive trucks usually include inaccurate casting pieces which lead to improper operation while riding or turning.

Be flexible: all types of skating require a decent level of flexibility. Moreover, this factor will decide how well your board can absorb vibration or handle cracks, bumps, etc.


If the above criteria are confusing to you and you still have no idea of how to pick a decent longboard for cruising, the following products will be good suggestions:
  • Low price but decent cruising board: Magneto Cruiser
    Easy to use and inexpensive: Sola Bamboo 38 Inches
    Cruising board for kids: Arbor Collective Zeppelin Bamboo
    Providing a fun ride: Landyachtz Ripper/ Super Chief
    Best for beginners in learning: Landyachtz Drop Cat
    The Comet Cruiser
    The Loaded Poke: a premium option
    Load Tan Tien: overpriced drop-through
Besides the boards that I recommended above, skaters must also avoid getting the Retrospec Zed Bamboo and the Atom Drop Through. I don’t mean that these boards are trash but for cruising, they cause a lot of difficulties, especially for beginners in their learning process.


Although following the guide above can get you a decent longboard, skaters are free to make all variations as long as they meet their requirements and don’t affect the overall ride. With enough knowledge about the construction of a longboard and the features of each component, all skaters will be able to find a good longboard for their cruising fantasy. Learn more about longboarding at skateadvisors:
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You should create a folder for USER1 which you can name USER1 then within that folder create an alias (a link) for both folders the user needs to access

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