Dev and Live Logical Doc Setup

LogicalDOC has many interesting features, but requires some configuration process to show its full potential.

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Dev and Live Logical Doc Setup

Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:19 pm

I attempted to export my Logicaldoc MySQL DB and then install it on another instance of logical doc on another computer. The issue is that when importing the data I have experienced either logical doc logon issues or the files in the database were not available even though they appear. I used MySQL Workbench to export the DB and have used it with other applications on a WAMP installation. Can someone help me determine what going on here? Is there a database key that needs to be copied over? I know on some application installs there's a .ev file that holds a DB key. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Re: Dev and Live Logical Doc Setup

Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:40 pm

Hi martinsj,
LogicalDOC uses database to store metadata, while it uses filesystem to store configuration into C:\LogicalDOC\conf and documents in C:\LogicalDOC\repository\docs (Windows example)

So you have to backup the database, copy the configuration file C:\LogicalDOC\conf\ and copy the repository of documents C:\LogicalDOC\repository\docs

Be aware that you must install the same version of LogicalDOC.
Note: Perhaps you can avoid to copy the config file, but at least you have to backup database and document directory

Note #02: Search index is stored into C:\LogicalDOC\repository\index

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