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Community Edition useage?

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:07 am
by peterg0rsq
I have just spent several hours installing Logicaldocs on my Ubuntu 16.04 home server.

I have just moved away from windows 10, where I used Paperport to organise all my scanned documents.

I have been looking for a replacement which gives me a folder tree, and displays documents within the folders, and Logicaldocs looks like the perfect solution. (I am only really interested in the folder tree view to navigate my document folders!)

However it seems that the function I want only comes from the commercial versions.

before I give up on Logicaldocs can anyone advise if it is possible to do what I want?

I have a Documents folder on my server, containing subfolders which contain my documents. This main "documents" folder is mounted on my main PC (Ubuntu desktop).

I would like to view these subfolders through LogicalDoc, accessing them for editing, or adding new documents.

However it seems to Use Logicaldoc I must remove the documents from their current locations and store them inside the database. This would prevent me from doing simple things like direct saving from programs, such a Libreoffice, or my scanner software, which need to save to mounted folders.

I would now need to store them locally then drag them to Logicaldoc, then delete them locally.

I also have a few programs which can access documents, and they will no longer have direct access, so I will need to maintain a separate system for these documents!

What I think I need is the ability to "Synchronize" local (and remote) folders with Logicaldoc, but this is missing from the Community edition.

Any way of achieving what I want with Community edition?


Re: Community Edition useage?

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:29 pm
by agaspa
Hi Peter,
you can try with CmisSync,
however I do not know if they have a version for Linux Ubuntu

Re: Community Edition useage?

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:38 am
by peterg0rsq

Looked interesting, and there is a Linux (beta) version.

Unfortunately it seems it is only a remote front-end for several Enterprise servers, which is another layer of commercial (expensive) software I dont have, or really want, on my simple home server.

Also, of course, the free version is heavily crippled, and the paid version is far too expensive for what I would like to use it for (browsing a tree folder structure, and viewing the selected folder contents at the same time).

Thanks for the suggestion though, its one piece of software I had not come across before while looking for a solution, and certainly warranted a look at.